Dinner 🍴

More little finds at thrift stores on the wall and our beautiful china cabinet that was passed down to us!

Wine 🍷 Oww

We are big wine drinkers so this cork holder was a must from target!!

The wine rack we put together ourselves! The ball jars behind the pictures have lights and sand in them although you can’t see it in the picture!

We need to fill that wine rack asap!



Rock away

Got this rocking chair for 15 bucks at a thrift store! I bought the cushion for 2 bucks and bought material at Walmart for 2 bucks and rewrapped it! And buttons to sew on it were free! 🤗

Real wood

We found our bedroom set at the Berlin auction and it was a steal! 700 dollars for the whole set with two dressers a side table and a stand up mirror! All real wood which is what we were looking for! Sorry the picture doesn’t show all of the pieces! I will be putting more up 🙂

We need shelves!

Eric and his dad made shelves together and they turned out awesome. We thought about painting them but needed up feeling in love with the wood grain itself. 👍

Before the big move

Eric had just moved in before our wedding and I was at hobby lobby not wanting to spend the money on over priced decorations but… I found this tree for 30 bucks and fell in love. It is so raw and gives our room life! Woohoo!

Picture Day 📷🏡

This is the first picture we took of our cottage. We were working hard fixing it up. From painting to ripping up the floors and remodeling the bathroom and the kitchen… all of the work was very rewarding.